REDOmap 3 clicks and you are ready to go. RedoMap REDOmap is the perfect service to get to tourism 2.0. It transforms a page of your site into an App at the service of your customer. Designed for accommodation facilities – like yours – to guide the customer at the discovery of the area and the endless entertainment’s possibilities it can offer. REDOmap has been created: to protect the quality of services offered by the accommodation, to maximize the customer’s management and to meet all the customer’s needs.

REDOmap in keywords: easy and intuitive, quick and informative. With just 3 clicks on the app and the customer begins his experience with a new way of travelling.

The app is based on a close analysis of the different types of customers; the many requests that are usually made at the reception and the possibilities offered by the area. All arranged with a licensed software.
How REDOmap works When the costumers arrive, they can select different itineraries on your website "app" page– based on their needs and curiosity – which have been created by the accommodation facilities specifically for them. The selection of the itineraries is made through images and photos in order to make everything easier and quicker.

During the trip the costumers have GPS support and near the points of interest they have the possibility to receive information (written or audio). An interactive and 2.0 way to discover the area and its beauties.
REDOmap: why is not the usual App Flexible and configurable;

Services are designed by you and adapted to your service’s quality.

The app is only yours, directly on your Website.

Optimization of your time.

It is inviolable: your data will always be protected

Territory networking and online profit

Secure payments and privacy

Always-on GPS that allows you to help your client at any time.
There’s a whole world around and you are in the middle.
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