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Here are some of practical uses through which the system can be integrated into your accommodation facility.

In general, REDOmap is a tool which optimize all those aspects of transport towards which the user or tourist is oriented, allowing tourism agents to create combinations that were not so easy up to now, often usable even without a data connection and in remote areas. Itineraries and experiences can be selected by their title, images and description and meets all the costumer’s needs.

Thanks to REDOmap, you can move from/ to different public transports, all from your smartphone, managed and controlled exclusively by you. Your costumers can also discover your city and its incredible beauties, stopping in gastronomic and shopping stops that only you know because you have lived or seen the place for many years. It is also possible to propose purchases of the most representative products directly in the app, thanks to agreements with your trusted partners

All with the advantages offered by GPS localization on your users' smartphones, and which, through time, will allow you to have anonymous but reliable statistics on the use of your specific products and services
Hotels, B&B and Similar: Hotel ... Complete creation of itineraries starting from your structure, with the possibility of distinguish the type of customer between business and leisure travel. Itineraries can be generated not only by individual costumers but also made by groups. It is possible to set itineraries that, starting in the morning, take up the whole day, or only in the afternoon; starting close to lunch or for the evening aperitif tour before returning for dinner. For example, in a city like Rome, Florence or Venice, accommodation facilities can prepare itineraries for tourists that can connect history, gastronomy and shopping, optimizing their journey. Rental of Alternative Vehicles, Ridings Rental ... The creation of itineraries is often linked to natural and historical aspects; in this case, as the type of experience is already defined, you can directly choice from different destinations and itineraries. In this situation, REDOmap offers - especially for groups - the possibility to see anonymously the position of each member on the map, so as to prevent those who close the line or others from getting lost, or being excessively detached from the group. The navigation system is stored locally for 24 hours, so it is usable even without a network but with GPS. Bus Operator: Bus ... Bus operators often need to group their passengers for departure or return. With REDOmap, member of the same group can be located (only using the app and anonymously) also by the bus operator and organizer, so as to be also facilitated in grouping people during the trip and passenger loading operations for the restart. In addition, the system provides an interactive guide’ service with the most immediate information about the itinerary and the city where the trip is directed; the information can be customized and implemented by a physical guide. Agenzie Viaggi Agenzie ... Travel agencies often rely on professionals who organize different experiences (culture, art, food and drinks, entertainment); however, when there is no representative of the agency, who travels with the group, it becomes difficult to manage or assist the customer even remotely. Thanks to our system, the agency will be able to solve this "problem" by agreeing itineraries and experiences with its partners at the destination - made available through the website of the reference agency. The customer will be accompanied in the best way possible with the tools that every day we all have at our disposal. Municipalities, Public Administrations Municipalities ... Public administrations very often highlight the need to communicate the availability and beauty of their territory in a quick, usable, simple and non-profit way. The itineraries can therefore be used for the direct promotion of entire thematic, educational and cultural itineraries in one's own territory. They are available for free on any Website. In applications for public use, it is not possible to sell any services of private companies but it will be possible to promote them, without discriminations between them. No position data is communicated to the dashboard but, anonymously, statistical tables are created through which to evaluate which are the most popular places and how they are used. Contracts with public administrations are managed individually, according to the regulations in force at the time of any expressions of interest. Schools, Proloco, Trekking, Walking e Similar Associations Scuole ... For non-profit associations, schools and proloco, are important and fundamental all aspects of user’ management, which simplify the organization of non-static events in the area. With this system, is offered the opportunity to assist and guide, together with the organizer of the individual event, the participants in carrying out the event / exit from their smartphone, receiving all information at key points or notifications. For promotional and information purposes, for schools and non-profit organizations, the use of the system is offered free of charge once a year.
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