RedoMap for Public Administrations

Choose RedoMap and promote your area easily

Offer a comprehensive service for tourists

RedoMap aims to enhance the tourist experience by providing quality information, promoting local collaborations, and offering users the opportunity to thoroughly explore the places they visit.

Digital maps

with real-time GPS positioning along the route.

SOS Function

to provide remote assistance to travelers in distress.

Guide testuali

dei percorsi e punti di interesse realizzati ad hoc.


to accompany the user by narrating the route.

Direct sales

of products or services in collaboration with local businesses.


Promotion of the project within the RedoMap network.

Offer a personalized guide of the area

We foresee the creation of experiential itineraries, developed in collaboration with you or your experts and professionals, to enhance the existing tangible and intangible heritage and create new value. These experiences will be made available on the existing territorial promotion portal or on a new portal created ad hoc, eliminating the need for further investments in applications to be distributed on mobile device stores.

RDM srl proposes itself as a technology partner for administrations, offering access to the basic version of the proprietary RedoMap® software. This tool aims to promote the area interactively, providing visitors with a reference point at the starting location designated by the municipality (such as a parking lot or a square). RedoMap® can be used as a standalone application or integrated with any other website or portal. It is a Progressive Web App, accessible through a browser, which requires minimal bandwidth to start up and, once the basic content is loaded, can be used offline for the next 24 hours or more.

In suitable situations, the cartography process will be conducted by an adequately trained team, using specific surveying software. The selection of these members will be carried out locally and in synergy with governmental entities, considering unemployed individuals, young people, people in vulnerable situations, or involving local volunteer organizations. These members will begin their work only after adequate training in the use of the application.

If the team members come from volunteer organizations, these organizations would benefit from financial returns related to the service provided, thereby contributing to the community’s well-being. This method of cartography represents an opportunity to bring employment and well-being to the area affected by the operation.